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About WorkLife (formerly His Church at Work)

For many of us, work just sucks the life out of us. No Purpose, No Balance, No Peace. WorkLife's mission is for you to find Life in your work that goes beyond the pain and aggravation. As one of the leading "Faith at Work" voices in America, WorkLife has pioneered simple, yet impactful curriculum and tools to fuel your personal success. We also specialize in equipping your church or group. Founded by Doug Spada (CEO) nearly 10 years ago, WorkLife has collaborated with God in equipping individuals and organizations to empower working people to practice an effective life at work. WorkLife is now serving faith-based networks, churches, corporations, small groups and individuals around the world.

About Maestro Online WorkLife Subscription (a system for equipping the workforce)

Maestro™ is a self directed subscription based coaching system for individuals, churches & groups that helps people where they have the most potential for impact...work. Maestro serves as a weekly companion that helps people find Life in work by:
1)  Discovering more purpose, balance & peace.
2)  Navigating through work temptations, challenges & stress
3)  Connecting to Gods higher work calling.